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Team spirit ——Honest Respect Inclusion Progress

While pursuing business development, Dehui Group has also strived to build an enterprising and responsible employee team and put forward the requirement of becoming broad-minded, insightful, responsible and capable innovative talents.

Dehui Group pays attention to all-round training of employees in their comprehensive capability and constant improvement of their individual comprehensive quality, and encourages employees to integrate their development desires into the overall development of the company. Dehui Group uses their common cause goal to inspire their maximum potential in an environment of fair competition and cooperation.

Dehui Group focuses on creating a good environment of mutual aid, care, equality and harmony suitable for the growth of employees within the enterprise to provide an ideal platform for their career development.

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Welcome all kind of talents to join our team.

  • Professor

    Job requirements:
    1、Those with a master's degree or above in economics, finance, accounting or management and more than two years of experience in relevant work;
    2、 Carry out in-depth study of those related to the company's entrepreneurship and innovation, industry investment, industries and themes, and accurately assess the industry development trend and periodic operation trend;
    3、Closely follow the listed companies within the industries and themes, investigate and survey the key listed companies and write study reports;
    4、Those with a strong sense of responsibility, an enterprising spirit and strong ability of written and oral expression, organization and coordination.
    5、Those with a composite background of working in relevant industries and finance and economics majors have priority;
    6、Those with CICPA, ACCA and CFA qualifications and those having experience in the securities and financial industries have priority.

The employees we seek for above is ought to own ambition, strong sense of responsibility,preferred work ethic and comprehensive quality.We give priority to those who have worked for huge state-owned enterprise or had overseas working experience.

Please send your resume to our e-mail and enclose your photo and reference。
Please specify your photo-number and the position.All your information is classified.