Technological Innovation Investment

Shanghai Mingda (Group) Co., Ltd

Shanghai Mingda (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, focuses on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Relying on a professional team and mature investment philosophy, it has successively invested in dozens of companies including Jiangsu Jinshiyuan Wine (stock code: 603369). The invested projects have been listed on the A-share market and the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mingda has become an influential large-scale industrial investment platform of Dehui Group in China.The company has been rated as the "Headquarters of Large Enterprises" in Pudong New Area and the "Headquarter of Private Enterprises" in Shanghai. In 2020, it was recognized as one of "Top 20 Private Enterprises in Pudong New Area".

Dehui Investment

Shanghai Dehui Investment Management Co., Ltd. focuses on technological innovation fund management and financial asset management of Dehui Group. The investment team-members are all from top universities and investment institutions, and maintain close cooperation with many banks, security companies, trusts and other financial institutions. The business area involves the design and development of innovative financial products, listed securities portfolio investment, cross-border asset investment and etc. It uses financial tools to empower member companies to achieve value enhancement.

Dehui Venture Capital

Shanghai Dehui Venture Capital Co., Ltd. focuses on the incubation of new technologies and strategic emerging achievements, and investment in small-to-medium-sized scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Cooperating with well-known universities and scientific research institutes, focusing on new materials, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, IoTs and other fields, it commercializes advanced scientific and technological achievements. It has invested in original technology projects such as Shougang Lanza.