optical material

CCS(Shanghai) Functional Film Industry Co., Ltd. is the undertaking unit of “2010 key industry revitalization project by the central budgetary investment——TFT-LCD industrialization project”.This project got huge support by MIIT, Shanghai Municipality and Jinshan government.


Production equipment and manufacturing capacity

The company is an earlier entrant of functional film industry . It mainly researches, produces and manages two kinds of functional film,including the whole series for TFT-LCD diffusion film,prism film,composite film,micro lens film,and high-end functional film like heat-insulating film,safety film for automobile and construction.

Scale and qualification

The company has a high beginning of research. It successively assembled a research and technology team with doctors of optometry from USA and Korea,and domestic senior specialist.The research lab provides perfect imported equipment for test. Nowadays, the company applied for 23 patents, 19 of which have received authorization. One of the patents also received authorization from America. The manufacturing technique is based on Korea LG and Samsung’s large size backlight optical diaphragm technology, with all imported advanced equipment. It can produce 30 million square meters all kinds of functional film every year.