DESIOPTOE Co., Ltd is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of fluoride optical crystals and components. The company built the first 8 to 12-inch UV-grade calcium fluoride crystal production line in China to realize the industrialization of key materials for domestic lithography machines, and its one-stop service capability of "optical crystal cultivating - optical design - optical processing - optical devices" is gradually formed.

Background of the Project

Large-size, UV-grade CaF2 single crystal is the core component material of the 193nm DUV lithography machine lighting system, projection objective system, UV light source and etc. It is the key material for the localization of lithography machines. At present, all CaF2 crystals of UV lithography grade are imported.
Over 60% of the R&D team members have a master's degree or above.
The project has won 02 special support and is planned to be included in the national "14th Five-Year Plan".