CCS (Shanghai) Functional Film Co., Ltd. is an industry leader specializing in the development and production of optical materials. With the largest domestic R&D and production base for multifunctional laminated films and the world's leading soft forming technology, it is the first to break the monopoly of foreign companies in the field of high-end optical films. It is recognized as the Shanghai Optical Film Engineering Technology Research Center, the only company with third-party optical film inspection qualifications in Shanghai, the contractor of the national key industry revitalization project, and a national "specialized and new" enterprise.


Production Facilities and Manufacturing Capacity

The company is one of the earliest enterprises involved in the field of functional film in China. It mainly researches, develops, produces and manages two types of functional film products, including a full range of diffusion films for TFT-LCD backlight modules, prism films, composite films, micro lens films, and high-end functional films such as heat insulation films and safety films for automobiles and construction-usage.

Scale and Qualifications

The company has a high starting point for technology research and development. It has established a R&D and technical team led by doctors in optics from the United States and South Korea, and senior experts in related fields in China. The research and development laboratory is equipped with a variety of imported testing and inspecting instruments. So far, the company has applied for a number of invention patents. The production process is based on the technical standards of optical film used in large-size backlight modules for well-known brands such as South Korea’s LG and Samsung. It is equipped with imported advanced production facilities, and has an annual production capacity of 100 million square meters of various functional films.

● Its TFT-LCD laminating film technology is in the leading position in China, with 5 laminating film production lines, which could achieve an annual output of 30 million square meters.
● The technology of pre-corner brightness enhancement film is in the world's leading position.
● It is a first-tier supplier of Samsung, and its products are sold to Vietnam, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Egypt and other countries.
● It is the only supplier of incremental films for TCL curved LCD screens, and is the first to break South Korea’s monopoly on high-end optical films.
● Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise.